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Aholster Company Kydex Holsters

Custom Kydex Holsters

Kydex Concealment Holsters

Things are simple here at Aholster Company.   

Shipping is a flat rate of $3.00 within the Continental US, with tracking.  
If it works, don't change it. 
If it doesn't work, fix it.
If you like it (you will), tell a buddy.
If you don't like it, send it back to us. 
Anything else is gibberish.

All of our Aholsters are proudly made right here in America.  Veteran owned and operated.

Aholster Company kydex holsters manufactures handmade custom kydex holsters and has been doing it right for over TEN years.  Here at Aholster we focus on kydex concealment holsters. Years of research have gone into our simple, but practical holster designs.  Many qualified instructors, combat veterans, law enforcement and valued customers have helped influence our current product line. Please take a few moments and look around our website.  If you study our Aholster designs, you will notice a combination of options similar to other holsters on the market.

We are not claiming to reinvent the wheel, just trying to improve it.