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IWB Holsters

IWB / Inside the Waistband design.  Right or left handed. 15% Rake.  Belt attachments available in 1.25" to 1.75" widths in belt loop and J-hook styles.  Adjustable retention.  Sweat guard.  Open bottom design.  The mag release is accessible while firearm is holstered to allow practical reloads.   Holsters are designed to wear just behind the hip with a practical belt.   

Notice the Pwii design pictured below.  The Pwii is available for most of the smaller weapons and it has a separate order section on the order page.  It is very similar to the standard IWB holster, but it is smaller and has a clip over belt attachment.  Do to the size of the holster, if you wear a good belt, the clip over attachment will work fine for every day carry.  If not, a belt loop attachment is shipped with the holster for those who prefer the extra retention. 

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