Kydex Concealment Holsters


Belt Aholster.  If you like the conceal ability of an inside the waist band (IWB) with the comfort of an outside traditional holster, you will like this holster.  The belt holster is molded (bent) to conform to the curve of your hip and waist when worn in the 4 or 8 o'clock position on your belt.  This helps to reduce printing and keeps the firearm and its grip tucked tight against body.  The weight of the firearm is carried evenly across your belt, unlike many traditional single point carry holsters, using 2 rubber adjustable straps (1.25" to 1.75".)  The straps simply wrap around the holster and your belt and are snapped with the Pull-the-Dot (directional) safely snaps used on most military and police issued equipment.  Easy on, very easy and quick off.  .080" Kydex.  The design has a 15% rake allowing a complete firing grip on your weapon with it still in the holster.  The mag release of your weapon is accessible while the firearm is holstered to allow a practical reload.  It has several option including a sweat guard, adjustable retention, and an open bottom design to help keep debris from collecting in the holster.  It is available right or left handed.  This holster is also a good choice for the ladies being that it works well with their natural curves unlike most of the other holsters on the market.  It has become popular with all folks, male or female, small or not so small, and the short or tall.  The belt holster is a practical and comfortable option to carry your weapon, especially for those that like the bigger traditional caliber weapons.  The Shootrite Aholster has the sight catch option and .090" kydex.  

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