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I ordered a Tiger McKee design holster and one of your mag pouches a while back and I had to let you know that I am 100% happy with the purchase and they are my favorites out of all that I own. I love kydex for some reason so, I own many of them, I have holsters made by nationally known companies and I have high dollar, custom made by hand holsters. Your holster stand at the top of the heap. I have paid $100 dollars only to end up with a holster that was so sloppy loose that it was basically useless. I have compared many side by side with yours and The qaulity of your holsters are easy to see, Thicker Kydex and no nonsense design sets yours apart. Rock solid construction with sensible simplicity, It works well and it works everytime. That's what it's all about. Keep up the great work, your doing it right! Thank You for some great products.      Troy S

Hi Alan, I warmed up the trigger guard like you said and now the retention is perfect.  On top of that the design of your belt holster is pefect.  You nailed the ride height and the cant is a good middle ground between concealability and presentation.  Thanks for your service.   You got a loyal customer.     Jose R.
Alan...Just got the green IWB for the Mil-Spec. I'm not huge fan of Kydex as I have over 80 holsters, 95% leather. But Kydex is thinner inside the jeans and the best feature of your IWB is the solid loop of Kydex, not a couple of rubber bands like B****-Tech. Tried it on and it's like it's not there. And the retention screws are perfect and because of the solid belt attachment, it stays put. I'm sold on YOUR design, mainly due to the one piece Kydex loop. So what if the trigger guard gets worn as I can always have it parkerized over and over. Great product, great price and quick turn around.     Albert W. 

I have ordered a total of 4 pocket holsters for use with this new gun.  My order from you was the most recent because it looked like the best of the bunch for my needs.  I believe if I had found you first, I could have saved a bunch of money.  I'm very pleased with your design and execution.  Regarding form, it's amazing how hard it is to find a pocket holster with a smooth outer surface to reduce or eliminate "printing" without resorting to a separate piece which adds unnecessary bulk to mask a poor design.  As far as function is concerned, it's questionable if most holsters will remain in the pocket 100% of the time when the gun is drawn.  Your design assures that the holster will not accompany the gun.  I expect yours will be the one I use most.
Thanks for the modest cost, painless ordering and quick delivery of a quality product.     Steve K.
Al, I wanted to let you know that after several weeks of wearing my belt holster with my Glock 23 that I have never felt a more comfortable, concealable holster in my entire 30+ years in law enforcement or as a retired Trooper. Thank you for making a top notch quality product and keep up the great work.     Steve M.

My son, Todd, finally did order my AHolster IWB tuckable for my Glock 23 and I must say, thank you.  I have had it for 3 weeks now, (ok, he was tardy about Fathers Day) and worn it many times.  However, today was the first time I was able to fully utilize it in my monthly tactical study group and Alan, this holster is awesome.  Comfortable, yes, but pretty near daily wear had proven that.  Today on the range, with almost 30 draw presentation and roosters, it performed like an old friend.  Thank you.     David C.

Just wanted to drop you a note. I ordered a holster from you and received it last week. Man, you hit the nail on the head!! Great Product!!. I have purchased more than a few holsters for several different 1911's over the years. but yours tops em all. Perfect weapon fit, super comfortable to wear etc. Could not be happier. Will spread the word at my Gun Club (with a ton of retired USMC guys). The guys at the club who have seen it have loved it.     Tom J.

The holster arrived the day I sent you the email! I love it. I just got back from Memphis where I was shooting in the IDPA Tri-state championship. While I did not use the holster for the match, I did use it everywhere else I went. Very comfortable for all day wear. I usually carry IWB at about 4 o'clock on my hip, and while that conceals well, it eventually puts a strain on my hip and lower back. Your holster sits high enough that it was well concealed by an untucked shirt and spread the weight and pressure of the pistol so that there was no discomfort in my hip or back.     David H.