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The Aholster Company aholster pocket holster is considered by some to be one of the best kydex holsters on the market today.  We specialize in kydex concealment holsters.  ​The Pocket holster is one of our top sellers.  It is used by civilian and law enforcement for an everyday practical way to carry a back up weapon as well as in some situations, a primary.   The Pocket is available in right or left handed carry.  This design is meant to be worn in the front pocket of your pants.  .060" Black Kydex, .080" Colored Kydex.  It is molded to curve with the leg to reduce printing and helps to keep the firearm in the perfect position to draw your weapon if needed.  The outer side of the holster is rounded outward to keep the profile of the weapon to a minimum.  Drop your holstered firearm into your pocket and it practically disappears.  Unlike many of the other holsters on the market, you can get a complete firing grip on the weapon with it still in the holster (without altering the holster.)  The mag release is covered to keep the mag from being released without your knowledge.  Simply draw your weapon out of your pocket and the upper or lower hook of the holster will grab the seam of your pocket leaving the empty holster in place.  If needed, the aggressive hook on the bottom of the holster will allow you to rake the weapon and holster across an object to draw the weapon one handed in any situation that the combo is not in our pocket.  No fancy tricks, it just works.

Kydex Concealment Holsters